Baiazinha Lodge – Jaguar Safari

5 days / 4 nights
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The Paraguay River, main river of Pantanal, touch in many places, huge granite hills, which offers splendid scenery to this region. The areas we will explore offers the special opportunity to view jaguars on rocks, beside to see them on white sand beaches and riverbanks. Those hills are the farthest ripples of the Andes Mountain Chain.

The next days will be devoted to explore riverbanks, lakes and bays in search of the elusive Panthera-Onca or Jaguar, the 3rd largest wild cat, South Americas’ top predator. The only of the cats that bites strait into the skull of its pray. The area we are exploring is quite secluded, therefore unspoiled and practically EXCLUSIVE, as very few Eco tourist boats roam this region.

Board our special river safari motor boat: very comfortable seats, with plenty of space to stretch, stand up or turn around, without bothering your travel partners nor bouncing the boat. It is a very steady boat – allowing you to take very good photos of the wildlife you will meet –, equipped with a 115 HP silent and powerful outboard 4 strokes motor.


1st Day – Arrival at Baiazinha and river safari

At 07:00, departure to the Pantanal ecosystem, toward Cáceres (190 km on BR 070 paved road and 76 km on dirt road – approximately 5 hours).
After lunch, we do our first river safari, searching for jaguars and other wildlife. Return for dinner and overnight.
(L, D)

2nd to 4th Day – Paraguay River: riverbanks, bays and channels

Breakfast. Departure for a morning river-safari on motor boat along the banks, beaches, bays and channels of the Paraguay River. This region is a paradise for wildlife, and still little explored for ecotourism, so that our jaguar sightings are basically exclusive to our boats. We will be searching for capybaras and caimans sunbathing on the beaches, giant river otters playing in the water and jaguars’ roaming the river banks searching for prays. Return to the Lodge for lunch.
In the afternoon, join another river safari, returning late afternoon for dinner and overnight.
We will be exploring the region in the vicinity to the Taiaman Ecological Reserve with a dense jaguar population, close monitored by the environmental authorities.
The chance of spotting the biggest feline in the Americas, although not guaranteed, is high.
Overnight at Baiazinha Lodge.
(B, L, D)

5th Day – Transfer to Cuiabá Airport

After breakfast, return to Cuiaba.

Note: This program offering 5 half-day river-safaris, our boat pilots and guides will choose the itineraries to be followed according to sightings informations previously received, always looking to offer the best opportunities of meeting the jaguar and other wildlife.

Which is the nearest airport to Araras Ecolodge?

You should reach the Northern Pantanal, where Araras Ecolodge is located, through Cuiaba Airport, which is just 132 km from the lodge: 100 km on paved road toward Pocone – a small mining town and gateway to the Pantanal + 32 km through the Transpantaneira Park Road, dirt and scenic.

Is the transportation from Cuiaba included?

Our packages for Araras Ecolodge only have got the two options: with or without transfers.
If you have been confirm the full package, regular transfers in air conditioned vehicle are included from/to Cuiaba Airport.
The journey takes about 2h30. To ensure that our guests do not lose their return flight from Cuiaba, we count on minimum 4 hours for the return transfer: 3 hours for the journey and 1 for the check-in.

Daily Schedule:

Airport > Araras Ecolodge

13:20   for flights arriving until 13:00
17:00   for flights arriving between 13:01 and 16:40

Araras Ecolodge > Airport

07:30   for flights departing between 11:30 and 16:29
12:30   for flights departing after 16:30

Why do I need to inform you about my arrival schedule? May I just tell you which transfer schedule I prefer?

If you let us know about your arrival flight details, we will meet you at the airport, right after the baggage claim area, avoiding misunderstandings.
Also, if your flight gets delayed, we will know in advance and will do our best to assure that you don´t lose a transfer to the lodge.

One of my flights doesn´t fit your transfer schedule. How can we handle it?

It is possible to book private transfers at any schedule – supplement applies. Please contact our reservations department.

I´ve booked the package without transfers. May I book them later?

Yes, of course. However, the confirmation of this service will depend on the availability at the time of booking. We suggest a minimum of 3 days in advance.

I´ll arrive at Cuiaba a few days in advance and will be staying at a hotel. Do I have to meet you at the airport for the transfer?

No. We can pick you up from your hotel in Cuiaba. Please be sure to inform our reservations department.

I will arrive at Araras Ecolodge during the morning. May I check-in? Is lunch included?

You will be most welcome if you arrive in the morning. However, your room may not be available before 2 pm.
Lunch on the day of arrival is not included, but if you let us know in advance, we will provide lunch and you can settle locally this extra service.

I´ll depart from the lodge at 12h30. Is there any activity programed for the last morning?

If you leave the lodge at 12:30 or after, your guide will organize one last activity before lunch.

How big are the groups?

During the regular activities, each of our guides – who are experts in nature and have an in depth knowledge of the flora and fauna of the Pantanal Flood Plain – is assigned to small groups of 8 to 10 guests, for safety reasons but also so our guests may deeply enjoy their experience with increased chances of spotting wildlife.

May I book a private guide?

Our packages include regular activities, but it is possible to book a private guide for your group or family, according to availability. A supplement applies: please contact our reservations.

Are the activities accessible for everyone?

The difficulty level of our activities is light to moderate, and considered accessible by most of our guests. However, some people with walking difficulties may have some issues with some of the activities. If that is your case, please contact our reservations department, for detailed information. A private guide may be a solution.

Are the activities safe?

Our activities follow all the rules for Safety Management and are monitored through radio.
However, precisely for safety reasons, the horseback riding is not allowed for children under 6 years old.

Will I be able to use my mobile phone and access the internet?

Generally, there is no mobile coverage at the lodge.
You will be able to access the internet through complimentary wifi in social areas.

I´m a vegetarian or I’ve got some food intolerance? Do I have to let the lodge know?

Our meals are buffet, with various dishes, including vegetarian. However, if you let us know, we will be able to serve you better.

What should I take to the Pantanal?

For your Pantanal experience:

We recommend light cotton clothes for the activities, including trousers and long sleeved shirts (against the sun and insects) and walking shoes or boots (very important). You should also avoid dark colours. Please do not forget your shorts, t-shirts, swimwear, hat with a brim, knee-high socks (the ones for sports) and 2 extra pairs of shoes.

From June to September, at night, temperatures can be as low as 4°C- 39°F: a sweater or windbreaker may come in handy.

You may also find useful to bring your camera, sunglasses, binoculars, pocket flashlight, pocket knife, mosquito repellent, sunscreen lotion, your prescribed medication (including anti-histaminic), batteries and toiletries.