North Pantanal Cruise – Jaguar Safaris

  07 Days – 06 Nights

Cáceres to Jofre and Jofre to Cáceres


Reserve Aqui

This EXCLUSIVE CRUISE will take you through an impressive variety of environments inside the Grand Pantanal

We will cruise along the Paraguay and Cuiabá rivers, in a lovely, safe and confortable Motor Vessel with only 05 cabins, exploring 04 different Nature Reserve as: The Taiaman Ecological Reserve, the Pantanal National Park, the Meeting of the Waters State Park and the Transpantaneira Park Road in search of its fascinating and rich wild life as the elusive ‘panthera onca’ or jaguar, the playful giant river otters, the numerous caimans sunning along the sand bars, the enchanted ‘Victoria Regia’ giant water lilies as well as the thousands of diverse birds that compose the wildest South American Sanctuary.

Enjoy the information’s given by your cruise-leader, that will explain details of the observed fauna and flora of this amazing region, its history and geological details.

DAY 1 – IN / CUIABÁ + Transfer to boarding place (LD)

Reception at Marechal Rondon, (CGB) Cuiabá airport, flight must arrive before noon. Depart towards the town of Cáceres for approximately 213 km on the paved BR 364 federal highway. Lunch enroute. We´ll board  MINAS motor vessel by the end of the day, Start your cruise down the Paraguay River. Dinner and overnight.

 DAY 2 – TAIAMAN ECOLOGICAL RESERVE – Searching the Jaguars (BLD)

During the cruise there will be several outings or river safaris, done in a very comfortable and safe speed boat, exploring side lacks, river channels and lagoons searching for jaguars and other wild life roaming along the river boards and sand dunes. After an early breakfast, board your river safari boat to explore this region water hides. Return on board for lunch, while the Motor Vessel start its cruise forward downriver up to the Taiaman Ecological Reserve .Board the speed boat and explore its water ways and overflowed grass land. Dinner and overnight.  

 DAY 3 – PARAGUAY RIVER – Searching the Jaguars (BLD)

Taiaman Ecological Reserve is a 70km long  island, in speed boat we will explore the right side  known as ‘Braçinho’ while the motor vessel  cruise on the Paraguay river channel, meeting  the group for lunch around the ‘Formoso’ Bay. Afternoon further river safari, while the vessel keeps cruising down river up to a region known as Concepcion Port. (Up to the 70tis the cattle, bread on the fields between Poconé and the Paraguay river, used to be embarked in this Port and taken downriver up to Corumbá in order to be transported by train to São Paulo city).

 Day 4 – AMOLAR MOUNTAIN CHAIN – Searching the Jaguars (BLD)

Morning river safari in the surrounding bay and river channels in search of jaguars and other wild life. Back to the Motor Vessel we will cross two of the largest bay on the Paraguay River, the ‘Uberaba’ and ‘Gaiva’ bay, each  more than 30km large, almost like crossing a sea. We will keep cruising up to the ‘Amolar’ mountain chain, an exceptional beautiful landscape. Here the giant water lilies are only one of the marvelous nature gifts, to be observed.

 DAY 5 – PANTANAL NATIONAL PARK – Searching the Jaguars (BLD)

Early morning the Vessel will keep cruising up to the ‘Gaiva’ Hill, where the group will visit an archeological site, than further exploring the ‘Acorizal’ Bay, following our river safari up to the ‘Caracará’ land mark. Lunch on board, while cruising towards the Pantanal National Park. In our safari boat explore the ‘Burro’ Bay, the Park’s main bay, while the Vessel already begins to cruise up the Cuiabá River. Overnight in the proximity of the ‘Negrao’ River.

 DAY 6 – MEETING OF THE WATERS’ STATE PARK – Searching the Jaguars (BLD)

Morning river safari exploring the ‘Negrão’ and ‘Negrinho’ Rivers, while the Vessel keeps cruising up river towards the ‘Jofre’ Port. Lunch on board. Further river safari exploring the ‘Meeting of Waters’ State Park and its labyrinth formed by the waters of the Piquiri, Three Brothers and Cuiabá Rivers. Meet the Vessel for dinner and rest.


After early breakfast, latest at 8.00 a.m. disembark for our last safari, this time back to air conditioned vehicles along the 147km unpaved Transpantaneira Park Road up to the gold miners town of Poconé, than further for 111 km on the paved state road towards Cuiabá airport. Lunch enroute. Check in for your late afternoon flight, for your next destination. End of our services.